How Design Point Makes the World’s Finest Ceramic Decals.

Creating a fine ceramic decal is a delicate blend of art and science, based on 250 years of research, development and refinement. Because ceramic decal production is such a specialized process, choosing the right manufacturer is critical to achieving the results you need to be successful. That’s why industry leaders like Danbury Mint, Bradford Exchange and Lenox China rely on Design Point.

Traditionally, the process of decorating ceramic and porcelain was a painstaking labor-intensive process practiced by skilled ceramic artists and artisans. Every mark, every pattern had to be applied by hand, one at a time. As a result, decorated porcelain was and dinnerware was reserved for royalty and the very wealthy.

In the 1750’s, the first monochromatic ceramic decals were produced and applied to dinnerware, making it possible to create more complex patterns with greater consistency. But the real breakthrough would come 100 years later, in Germany, when the polychromatic transfer was developed.

The colors in ceramic decals are a complex mixture of metal oxides and salts, mixed with powdered glass and suspended in a plastic material. Prior to firing, the colors are pale: mere approximations of their post-firing brilliance. Firing in a kiln under extreme heat, up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, causes the decals to undergo a dramatic transformation, as the oxide salts fuse and reveal their rich palette of colors. This brilliant image becomes an integral, permanent part of the ceramic material.

Today, the art of ceramic decal production has spawned numerous Production Processes, each tailored to a specific application. Our state-of-the-art systems – including powerful computers, image scanners and multicolor in-line printing equipment — enable us to achieve a new level of resolution, accuracy and efficiency never before possible to produce high quality porcelain giftware, ceramic tile murals, and custom dinnerware. And our turnaround times are much quicker than many of our foreign competitors.

Our latest breakthrough is our proprietary Digital System, which enables us to create first quality fired custom decals for ceramic dinnerware, custom tile murals, and customer restaurant ware for a wide range of giftware manufacturing applications in runs as small as 50 pieces!

Decal Production Processes

Design Point has mastered numerous ceramic decal production processes, each utilizing our state-of-the-art systems to achieve an unmatched level of resolution, accuracy and efficiency never before possible. Contact Us to learn which process is best suited to your specific needs.

  • Waterslide Decals
  • Heat Release Decals
  • Glass Decals
  • Metal Decals
  • Four Color Process Decals
  • In-Glaze Decals
  • On-Glaze Decals
  • Underglaze Decals
  • Raised Enamels Decals
  • 4 Color Process Lead Free Inglaze Decals
  • Precious Metals Decals
  • Lusters Decals
  • Cold Application Decals
  • Low Temperature Decals

Professional ceramic decals for ceramic dinnerware, tableware, decorated tile murals, giftware, figurines, collectible plates, commemorative plates, and custom personalized photo gifts.

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