Need a Short Run of Custom Decals Fast? No Problem! Design Point’s Breakthrough Process Solves The Marketer’s Dilemma

To be competitive in today’s decal marketplace, superior quality is not enough. You need to be flexible, fast and price competitive. Increasingly, our customers require smaller, faster production custom ceramic runs while retaining the superior quality and sophisticated ceramic designs for which Design Point’s custom decals have become famous.

Until now, creating fine porcelain heirlooms, ceramic tile murals, decorated giftware, or glass giftware with sophisticated four-color process designs has been a costly, lengthy process requiring long runs to make production economically feasible. The cost of creating products with printed decals in small quantities has become almost prohibitive. Considering Far Eastern production? Then forget about flexibility or fast turnaround!

Now You CAN Have It All For Runs As Small As 50 Pieces!

Design Point’s proprietary digital process means that any image you need can be generated on a computer and instantly printed out in the form of a custom ceramic decal. You can produce as few or as many custom designs as you need, eliminating any inventory overruns or additional expenses. The result? Our customers gain a distinct advantage over the competition by providing fast turnaround, convenience and superior quality. All in one Very affordable package!

Fast Turnaround!

Design Point’s process enables us to create and print decals from your artwork in a timeframe formerly unheard of in the industry! And because our production is domestic, we blow the doors off the turnaround time offered by foreign suppliers!

Superior Quality that makes Sublimation Obsolete!

We can create virtually any design you need in the super high resolution, an incredible 300 x 300 DPI! And we can use virtually any art source including magazine prints without the fear of obtaining moiré or other interference patterns in the ceramic print to produce detailed ceramic tile murals, restaurant ware, custom dinnerware, and other decorated giftware.

Contact Us today to learn how our Digital System can meet your needs for short runs of high-quality fired on ceramic deals!

Professional ceramic decals for ceramic dinnerware, tableware, decorated tile murals, giftware, figurines, collectible plates, commemorative plates, and custom personalized photo gifts.

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